Conflict Resolution, Mediation & Reconciliation

Our Lord Desires for us to live in His Peace and in His Rest- and yet on this earth, conflict is always a certainty. 


Conflict is not necessarily a 'bad thing'. It is usually a symptom of a deeper issue The Holy Spirit seeks to resolve by bringing into the Light. Appeasement is not conflict resolution. Sweeping and stuffing issues usually leads to irreconcilable divisions. Awareness and intervention, in a Spirit-Filled environment, promotes a better understanding of the 'other' and affords a greater possibility for new insight and reconcilliation.


To bridge this divide, we offer methods for finding Godly solutions to pressing conflicts involving areas of forgiveness, self-discipline, anger, injury, accepting responsibility, communication, obedience, relationships in families, marriages, peer groups, church, adoption, divorce, and extended family issues.


Additionally, we provide structured mediations in the areas of  personal, professional and business partnerships, as well as pre-litigation dialogues.