Personalized Life Coaching: Godly Goal-Setting:


Why Are We Here and Where Are We Going?

All of our lives these two questions emerge at important, often painful junctures. 'Feelings' and 'natural thinking' are far from the guiding of The Spirit and often result in our taking any ‘port in the storm’. Our goal is to offer the practical tools and principles of God to see more clearly.


Forks in the road offer dynamic challenges and opportunities to experience God, in a new and personal way, as well as for your career, business, or vocational callings. Clarifying options and possibilities is crucial to healthy and Godly choices.  Are you arguing for “your” limitations? Do you need to see through circumstances that appear Exciting? Uncertain? Fearful? Insecure?


Praise God! The Holy Spirit, through focused, prayerful, committed dialogue will Illuminate and Confirm your choices and directions. God always wants to draw you near and lead you to all that is best for you. He Promises to work through it with you, to His Glory.


Your Creator longs for you to know all that He Uniquely, Created you to be In Christ; to function at your very best; and most of all – with a renewal of hope, faith and awareness of His Supernatural Presence, Direction and Provision.