About Us


The Team

Our professional careers and Bible study span four decades encompassing complex mediation, finance, business development and very difficult life challenges. We have families and have raised children and grandchildren. By the Grace of God, He has called us to counsel His People with His Truth and His Wisdom. We consider this a sacred trust.


We stand in firm support of local churches, as an independent, non-denominational ministry. We provide a secure place for an objective, non-judgmental dialogue of the issues. Anchored in the belief that the Principles of Scripture will provide the solid framework for fresh insight on blind-spots. We work very differently from secular clinicians.


We believe that God Alone, Through His Only Son, Jesus Christ, is the only One capable of Healing our sin-nature, wounds, fears, depression, insecurities and in doing so, instills a peace and a security that the world system will never provide.


We are not about religion, we are about facilitating a direct, very personal relationship with the One, True and Living God. We measure our success by how little you need our conversations!